Thursday, April 21, 2011

Catching up...

I took a little hiatus and went to Los Angeles to hang out with family, my only cultural outing being a concert by the Philharmonic at Walt Disney Concert Hall:

I didn’t realize the impression it made on me until I came home and did this drawing:

Carol Diehl, Aiguillon, 2011, powdered pigment & pencil on paper, 11" x 14"
However seeing the name “Disney” spelled out in lights on the side of a Gehry building did seem incongruous, as does the name of the airport I usually fly into: Bob Hope Airport in Burbank. Wouldn't naming an airport after a sober, dependable, father-of-his country type rather than a comedian inspire more confidence? Just as, if you were wanting to prime people to laugh, you wouldn't name a comedy club after a president (although the “Gerald Ford Comedy Club” kinda works.) But as long as we’re naming airports after funny people, why not Groucho Marx? Or Margaret Cho? I’d definitely pay extra to fly into Lenny Bruce Airport.

More to come....

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lxv said...

Well, you could always fly into the John Wayne airport in Orange County (I think; it's been so long). I'm starting to get really freaked out by the level of advertising (branding, whatever) that pervades every single aspect of modern life—in America particularly. Not a surface untouched by somebody's tag, whether commercial or commemorative. Europe is a little less toxic this way, the only ads in the trains I took in Flanders recently were PSAs for how to use the rail service. (sorry if I got OT)

I like your drawing, by the way. I'm kind of into transparency & reflection these days, so it struck a chord.