Sunday, June 16, 2019


I got the idea to write my book-in-progress, "Banksy: Completed," through conversations on Facebook (thanks, Jerry Saltz!), where I felt the anonymous street artist's work deserved to be taken more seriously by the art world. Therefore, "Banksy: Completed" will be the first in-depth investigation into the significance of his work--published, I'm thrilled to say, by The MIT Press. But since there are no big advances in the academic publishing world--in fact, my contract actually obligates me to expenses--I must fundraise to make it happen.PLEASE JOIN ME! No donation too small (even $1--small pledges increase the number of backers) or too large! Become part of the project as it unfolds and among the first to see BANKSY: COMPLETED when it's published. And please share far and wide!

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