Monday, June 25, 2007

Making it hers

Ever since I’ve known her—a long time—my friend, Alexandra, has wanted a Saarinen Womb Chair, the chair she grew up with, grew up in, as she puts it—and I’ve always had trouble picturing this icon of modern design in Alexandra’s house, a profusion of pillows, overstuffed couches, art, artifacts from her travels, lap blankets, lap dogs, and so on. Each time I go there I come back feeling that my environment, with its uncluttered surfaces, leather and chrome is too ascetic—and Alexandra says that after visiting me she’s overwhelmed with the desire to go home and throw everything out. Well yesterday I went to see her and there it was, the Womb Chair, in her living room next to the colonial fireplace. And, as you can see, it fits in perfectly. I wonder if Saarinen anticipated needlepoint bunnies.

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Anonymous said...


You are SO funny and such a atmospheric writer!! If I didn't know me I'd think I was funny!! I love the entry and the photo!!

Also read all your other entries and will stay abreast of le Blog!!

The tiny photo of your new place is intriguing!! Send a full set of house photos please so I can see just how much I have to throw out to be just like you!!!!

Love and needlepoint Bunny kisses.
PS I'll have you know I made those pillows (design and execution)