Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scott's house reprise

Regarding the post below, Robby Baier's comment to Scott on Facebook:

I love your place. Such artistic order. Carol's Blog reminded me of a story about my friend Peter in Stuttgart. I was staying with him about 4 years ago and was struck by how impeccably the place was organized. He doesn't have your artistic sense so it was just super neat and very clean. When we left in the morning, after the beds were made, the dishes cleaned and put away, the sink wiped down with a fresh, dry rag (who wants those unsightly stains on the stainless steel?), he stopped in the doorway and turned around one last time to make sure everything was in place. Sharing with me that he "doesn't like it when things are too perfect", he went back inside and took a coat off of one of the hooks by the door, walked over to the couch and tossed the coat on the armrest. Not happy with the way the coat had fallen, he picked it up again and threw it a second time. Ahhhh. Now, for him, the place was imbued with just an air of the casual.

Note to manically tidy self: go downstairs and throw some magazines around.


Anonymous said...

Just make sure it's a magazine worthy of throwing!

Anonymous said...

Our pet rabbits ensure that our place never looks "too perfect."

Carol Diehl said...

I could NEVER have a rabbit! How I survived being a parent I don't know.

As for the choice of magazines, that's crucial. They can't be too prententious (Metropolis, Architectural Digest--and although it's my field, even the Art in Americas and Artforums should go upstairs--NEVER arranged on the coffee table--ick!)-- and will hide US (just kidding, I think it destroys brain cells) and settle on the New Yorkers I'm reading anyway, artfully bandied about.