Sunday, May 27, 2007

Spencer Finch

Last night I went to Mass MoCA for the opening of the Spencer Finch exhibition, which will be up into 2008. It was a pleasure to discover an artist whose work I hadn’t seen before--and actually like the work, enjoy being there, and not be terrified that I’m going to meet the artist/curator and have to say something polite. It’s good I’m not a full-time critic because I really don’t like that much art, and full-time critics have to like a lot of art. I want art to be special. When I see art like that it’s exhilarating, makes me want to stay up all night. And then there was this little beauty with a sketchbook and pencil, lying on the floor under the cellophane piece, drawing without looking at the paper:


Terry Perk said...

We've talked a lot together about beauty in the past and maybe it's because I'm nearing fatherhood, but your photograph capturing the young girl drawing is absolutely beautiful.

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful moment doubled by another inspired being.... Very cool that you caught it. Is her "appearence" part of the piece?