Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Spring comes to McDonald's

I took these the other day at a rest stop on the Mass Pike heading toward Boston. People frequently try to make artificial plants look real, but I'd never seen a garden where real plants were made to look artificial. Look at the careful pairing of red and yellow tulips.

And how about that topiary? Emphasizing the fire hydrant instead of trying to hide it is an especially nice touch.

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Anonymous said...

As a part time gardener, this is bad gardening at its finest! I'm not sure if the red and yellow tulips were to emphasize the colors of the McDonald's theme, or if they were to draw attention away from the fire hydrant. Clearly they make us notice it even more. Hosta is known for 'filling in', but they'll need a lot more in that case. Furthermore, gardens should allow the eye to wander and want to look, so why do I want to look away? Oh, right, the obtrusive rectangular shape that matches the sod, which matches the sidewalk. For a billion dollar industry, I would expect more of a budget on the landscaping, considering that I spend more than that on my own backyard (and I don't make billions!)