Sunday, April 13, 2008

Hope for change

Obama poster by Shepard Fairey

The pundits are so worried that we have. at last, a presidential candidate whom a large number of people actually admire. It must be a Communist plot.
You can read Meghan Daum's entire idiotic LA Times article about Shepard Fairey's Obama poster (really, I didn't know David Brooks wrote for the LA Times under an assumed name) or just cut to Bill Gusky's sensible response.


Hrag said...

Agreed...Obama doesn't fit into the established categories and every journalist is grabbing for established angles on a candidate that doesn't like them. I think the media is being forced to reevaluate their reporting on politics and they hate that. Most journalists are lazy and like to submit "expected" stories. They don't want to delve deep to get to the truth..."he's a nice guy and seems to mean what he says" doesn't sell newspapers or increase TV ratings.

Carol Diehl said...

Yes, Obama responds to everything positively. The negativity-based media just doesn't know what to do with that, so they decide positive is a dangerous thing, and the fact that that lots of people are excited about him is suddenly "cult-like"--as if we've been lulled into some kind of trance and aren't excited for a reason. And as for the "experience" issue I, for one, am glad he's not experienced in the ways of lobbyists, favors, etc. Innovation often comes from the outside. That he's run such a remarkably smooth campaign is testimony to his ability to choose the right people and get things done.

David said...

Obama's recent comment about people clinging to their guns and religion was so cravenly spun by both the Clinton and McCain campaigns. It made me sick. The full comments in context seemed to address people's genuine fears in a fearful economy and suggested how the Republicans have used those fears to get people to vote against their economic interests time and time again. I hope he will try to articulate this more and not be scared off by the media's jumping on it as a "horse race" issue.

It's a wonderful poster.

Carol Diehl said...

Yes, somehow Fairey was able to convey both Obama's humility and his strength.