Sunday, April 6, 2008

Overheard in Chelsea

Man on cell phone: "I like China for you, but I also like the idea of....."


gonzales said...

Dear Carol,
I recently started reading your blog. It's amazing! As an artist myself, the most recent postings about art jargon in today's art world is getting pretty hilarious. This definitely supports the saying " to critics Art is a noun, to the artist it's a verb"

Frank Gonzales

Anonymous said...

China, China, China, China! (I think Berlin is going to get Marsha Brady complex soon)

Carol Diehl said...

Yeah, except it's like the French saying in, oh, the fifties, "America, America, America, America!" as if it were some kind of passing fad. Or a guy I heard say in the mid-nineties, "I'm tired of this dot com stuff."