Wednesday, June 24, 2009

More Iceland

The Blue Lagoon, January 2004

I'm off to Iceland on Friday for a whirlwind trip with Erica and Terry to shoot background landscape for our film about Olafur Eliasson and Einar Thorsteinn's collaboration, returning after July 1st. But before that, tomorrow, I'm going to Finnbogi Petursson's opening (friend of Olafur and Einar, whose work I've seen in Iceland) at Sean Kelly Gallery, and then to see John Kelly's Paved Paradise Redux: the Art of Joni Mitchell at the Abron Arts Center at the Henry Street Settlement, which runs through Saturday. John is an extraordinary singer/actor/dancer (and artist whose exhibition of self-portraits is up until the 27th at Alexander Gray), and this particular performance, which he's done for many years, has almost a cult following.

This will be my fourth trip to Iceland since 2004, and my first in summer with its almost 24-hour light (and hopefully sun--it's been raining there as much as it has here). We plan to end up at/in the Blue Lagoon (above) where the water is so hot it doesn't make any difference what the weather is doing.

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Stephanie Clayton said...

I'm enthralled by this photo. The steam and color of the water create a sense of other-worldliness...Eerily beautiful.