Thursday, June 11, 2009

Scott's House

Art Vent House Report #6:

Scott Cole is often mentioned in my posts, sometimes as Scott Who Knows Everything, as he’s frustratingly multi-accomplished. Musician, painter, and chef (Scott owns Caffe Pomo d’Oro in West Stockbridge, MA) his home is an ever-changing work of art.

While the furnishings could not be more opulent, comfortable, and New England in orientation—as well as festive—Scott’s emphatic use of black adds a slightly sinister edge to his style, which I have dubbed “Goth Colonial.” Every room is permeated with a sense of mystery, the objects in whispered conversation with each other, telling cryptic stories, alluding to histories and secrets we’ll never know:

When I’m there I’m always taking pictures and the only challenge is editing—basically you can point the camera anywhere and get a beautiful vignette. For instance you can guess what vantage point I took this from. But really, isn’t this just the world’s sexiest toothbrush?

You get the feeling that it's all intentional, but not too intentional, and that there's a sense of humor behind everything:

But I’m getting ahead of myself. Here’s Scott, preparing the dinner he made last night for a few friends, in his kitchen which, except for the black cat lurking nearby, is white and innocent:

As is the upstairs bathroom:

The dining room:

Master bedroom:
A corner of an upstairs guest room:

Because it fit him perfectly, I gave Scott this kimono, which was made for my uncle when he served in China during World War II. He wore it once for Halloween, then hung it on the wall:

And outside, the hand-carved pickets on the fence that came with the house. Even they tell a story:


Stephanie Clayton said...

oh gorgeous...all those black accents!
i'm a huge fan of black decor done tastefully, black clothing...sometimes i use black in my paintings...
wonderful interior & garden, beautiful photos.

deb said...

what a beautiful home, thanks for sharing it!